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We are passionate about working with other individuals and organisations to improve lives through basketball.  We can do this in one of three ways.  Firstly, if you want to get involved in one of our existing programmes.  Secondly, if you have an idea of how we could collaborate.  Finally, if you would like to volunteer with the Foundation.

For all of these opportunities, then please contact us

We will post any specific opportunities here.

Although we would love to help everyone who gets in touch, it is probably worth mentioning 2 things:

1: For any communication with the BBL clubs community programmes, we suggest you contact them directly.  A list of the clubs is available here

2: We aren’t in a position to make unsolicited grants to individuals or organisations in basketball currently.

If you are a small organisation looking to run a community programme to increase participation in basketball, we would suggest you contact your local County Sports Partnership (the organisations locally tasked with supporting community organisations increase participation in sport).  A list can be found here.